July 10, 2009


Blah, blah, blah...

The work you can see on this blog has been created during my foundation year at LCC, more than anything I'm looking forward to continuing to degree at this point. Over the last year I have developed a pure passion for advertising and my interest in screen printing and bold artwork have been greatly magnified. I'm just so pleased to be doing something creative, anything creative...working in a bank every holidays has put that straight.

Listen Up

"Listen Up" is a message combining one handed sign language and the mouth shape used to pronounce letters to state the message which is meant to promote deafness.

Sketch, doodle, etch

The Rabbit Portal

Found this little gem of an illustrator whilst researching my final major project for foundation. Really talented guy, have a look: www.flickr.com/photos/rabbitportal

Blind in the blur

Some experimental photography trying to represent blindness. Part of a series, the one below is 'Alex'.

July 9, 2009

Mix 'n' Match?

My solution to a project called Colour 100 whereby we had to collect 100 combinations of the colours red and green. I created an identikit-like book with five red and green face painted people that you can turn, switch and swap till you pop.

Newspaper to New Paper by Dentsu, Tokyo

I found this whilst rummaging through the Creative Review Blog. One word: Brilliant. Totally worthy of its position, such a simple idea which epitomizes what advertising is. With one quick print a bit of dull, traditionally used newspaper becomes a modern advert. Love it!


In the beginning there was an 'About Me' section...

Blogging...well here we go. Im an enthusiastic designer about to begin a degree in Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication in London. I've just completed my foundation at the same institution and am prepared to embark into the world of experimental design. My theology is anything simplistic, bold and colourful is just fine.